Yaware.TimeManager seems a viable time tracking solution, but doesn’t quite meet the company’s security standards, which determine corporate network as the only location for data storage? In this case, Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise is an ultimate choice.

Basically, Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise is the software that is installed on premises, as opposed to using the cloud service and is suitable for businesses with complex IT infrastructure. All collected data can be stored in compliance with the corporate information security regulations. Also, the software allows its users to handle certain technical tasks by themselves.

Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise is compatible with the most popular OS’s: Linux, Windows, Mac OS and presents the same functionality as its SaaS version.

Advantages of Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise

  • Compliance with corporate security standards;
  • Total control over information – all data is stored within company’s corporate networks and is available to employees with the necessary access level;
  • Technical support at no charge during the first year after the purchase.

Technical Support Includes

  • Remote Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise setup by our engineers;
  • Consultations on installation and implementation of Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise in the company;
  • Consultations on configuring and using Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise depending on the business demands.

If you still hesitate between the two versions – local and online – find out more about benefits of Yaware.TimeManager to decide which of them will work best for your company.

Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise


A license is required to start using Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise. The license comes with:

  • unlimited period of using the software;
  • collecting statistics for up to 50 workplaces;
  • 1 year of free technical support and automatic updates.

To track time for more than 50 employees you can buy an extra license.

Contact us to find out the pricing of Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise.

Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise Installation Involves:

  1. Installing and configuring VMware visualization system in the corporate network;
  2. Software installation on employees’ computers;
  3. 2 hours of training (for employess responsible for software maintenance).

If your company already uses a visualization system different from VMware please specify it in the form.

Installation Package

  • VMware visualization system with Yaware.TimeManager Enterprise already installed;
  • VMware Player or VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) for VMware activation.

Technical Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz and more, any AMD64, any Intel EM64T;
  • RAM: 2048 Mb or more;
  • HDD: 50,0 Gb for standard installation (with recommended 100 Gb and more).

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