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SMART Shortens the Probation Period Using Time Tracking Software

SMART business is a consulting company, that provides innovative solutions for effective business management with Microsoft Dynamics (AX, NAV, CRM) platforms. The company has a status of Microsoft Gold ERP Partner and is also a member of Microsoft Dynamics President’s club.

SMART business brings effective IT-solutions that deliver the pleasure of working. The company believes in the business, which brings not only profits, but also fun to employees, managers and owners.…




Different companies face various difficulties, which lead them to implementation of a time tracking tool. And SMART business also had some issues, which required the right solution.

Kirill Rudnev, a Sales Manager at SMART, says: “The main activity of the company – implementation of enterprise resource management systems. Therefore, we pay special attention to employee time tracking. Firstly, it allows you to build transparent relationships with customers – they always know how much time and resources was spent on their tasks. Secondly, employees can monitor and effectively allocate their time. ”

A User-Friendly Solution

SMART business company offers implementation consulting services, system support, events and training to those working in various industries. That is why it was really important for them to find the solution, which is up-to-date, easy to use and accurate. So, they have chosen Yaware out of all the alternatives. “We made the decision rather quickly. We considered a few other alternatives, however, decided to choose Yaware time tracker for its skilled support engineers. – says K. Rudnev – Furthermore, the service covered all the requirements: fast implementation, automatic control, a simple analysis of the results.

Shortening the Probation Period

As any company SMART was spending a lot of time and resources to evaluate new employees and understand if they should be hired permanently. Yaware time tracking software allows to see the overall work performance of new employees and provides accurate reports. K. Rudnev says: “After installing Yaware we managed to shorten the probation period. Automatic time tracking allowed to objectively evaluate the attitude of the testee to work.

Reducing Unproductive Time at Work

The employees, that every day work at the computer and have an access to Internet, can get easily distracted and lose the track of time. However, it happens randomly, when there is a time tracking tool. When employees know, that they are being monitored, it makes them use the network less for personal purposes and more for work. “After implementing Yaware the unproductive time has reduced significantly,” underlines K. Rudnev.

Implementing Time Tracking Software

Normally, managers understand the importance of time tracking but are afraid of the reaction of their employees. SMART was no exception, however the implementation of time tracking software went smoothly. “Initially, the employees treated the innovation with caution, but later appreciated its benefits. The system helps to automatically track time and find out the reason of it`s inefficient use.” – says K. Rudnev “We track time of all employees, but especially of the service department, because their time is directly related to the mutual settlements with customers. We keep track of the time spent on customers` tasks.

Gods of Content Saved Money Implementing Time Tracking App

Gods of Content is an exchange of copywriting with creative employees. The company specializes in writing informative and easy-to-read content, products’ description for online stores, SEO-articles for blogs and websites. Currently, Gods of Content uses the services of only verified copywriters, and employs high skilled professionals. But was it like that from the very beginning? The company’s manager was working with freelancers and programmers first and had the problem with their performance appraisal.…

Gods of Content

Time Tracking App As a Necessity

On any given day, Gods of Content employees work on different projects, each with unique tasks and elements. Since the company pays the workers based on hourly work and project type accurate time-tracking is crucial.

Account managers are typically people who value relationships, enjoy good conversation and spend time making connections. Monitoring time helps them not to lose the track of how many hours they spend on the specific activity.

Support Engineers are the critical part of Gods of Content success, they resolve the issues with uncanny accuracy. But how much time is needed for specific activity? Time tracking app will show, how many hours/minutes were spent on each ticket and task.

Programmers are usually busy with different projects, and it is not that easy to monitor the time spent on the specific activity. With help of time tracking app programmers can show the manager what was done for the certain period. In addition, team leader can keep a better track of how much more time is needed based on previous monitoring.

In an effort to increase employee’s productivity and optimize workflow, Gods of Content began to look for time-tracking app.

The Service Implementation

Arkadiy Koss, director of Gods of Content says: “It was important to find the solution for the company within a short time. So, I have started to study a market and finally decided in favor of Yaware.TimeManager because of the following reasons:

  • It took 10 minutes to understand the system, that is really fast.
  • Support engineers are always ready to help.
  • The website has a lot of useful information.

In addition, Yaware.TimeManager cares about its clients and has a solid business approach.

With limited IT resources, Gods of Content was also able to take advantage of Yaware.TimeManager’s quick implementation without having to provide additional technical support for users. Additionally, the service allows to track employee time against various projects, something that the company had never been able to do before.

“When the new employees come to the team we notify them about the work time monitoring with Yaware.TimeManager.
Currently, time tracking app is implemented on computers of account managers, programmers and support engineers.”

Using Yaware.TimeManager to Reduce Costs

By providing real-time visibility to client projects, Yaware.TimeManager has changed how Gods of Content manages and delivers projects. Because the company charges programmers at a fixed fee per task or hour, increased visibility on overrun has led to new and more streamlined ways of working, and more realistic resourcing estimates.

Using Yaware.TimeManager saves the company $500 per programmer each month,” said Arkadiy. “These results are possible due to hourly rate wage. Thanks to the service I know exactly how much time was spent on my project.”

The easy-to-use automated time tracking software is useful for both employees and employer. Staff now have more time to devote to client-facing activities, because they are free of the burden of manual time tracking, feel more rewarded and satisfied with their role. Programmers are often working unusual hours on client projects, and Yaware.TimeManager gives them the flexibility to record their time whenever they are busy with their tasks. On the other hand, the manager gets the results and sees the number of spent hours spent to complete the tasks. Moreover, it is possible to review the employees working day on mobile phone being on the weekend, or while traveling.

Now I cannot imagine our work with contractors without Yaware.TimeManager. I also recommend the service to my friends and business colleges. Now two of them use this time tracking software as well and are happy about it.

Budpostach Improves Productivity Using Advanced Time Tracking Software

Budpostach is a provider of professional equipment and tools, a supplier of building and garden machinery. The company has an 18 year history. Throughout these years, Budpostach has established a wide network of dealers, including 42 branches. The structure of the company includes the wholesale in B2B segment and retail sales, using a mechanism of their eShop. Budpostach offers over 30,000 products from world leading manufacturers at affordable prices. With a priority to the needs of their clients, Budpostach offers them complete solutions of the highest quality. The total number of employees exceeds 1,200. Yaware.TimeManager monitors the work of more than 400 of them.…


High requirements to a time tracking software

Budpostach has opened more than 42 branches since 1998. This led to an increase in the number of employees. The added number of employees made it difficult to keep track of deadlines, costs, working hours and absences.

Svetlana Filatova, an operational consultant at Budpostach, says:

Budpostach has an extensive system of branches and representative offices. Therefore, the most topical issues for us are:

  • control of the actual load of employees;
  • control of the discipline;
  • control of workload distribution among employees.

Making choice in favour of Yaware

Why has Budpostach made a choice in favour of Yaware, if there are other time tracking softwares as well? S. Filatova reveals the secret: “We have chosen this service due to the following reasons:

  • ease of use;
  • an opportunity to use the tool in hidden mode;
  • intuitive interface;
  • wide range of provided data.

Right solution to make the difference

Now staff from different branches is using Yaware to track time at work. “Employees have become more focused on the correct distribution of working time “ – says S. Filatova. So, implementing time tracking software has influenced the overall work performance.

Thanks to Yaware, managers now have a clear view of staff’s online and offline activities that helps to coordinate their work more efficiently.

Increasing efficiency and productivity

The basis of Budpostach’s business philosophy is full commitment, integration and innovation and Yaware time tracking software is helping the team comply with that.

The tool offers a wide range of reports, that allow to see and evaluate the work of employees. They allow to rank the staff by their productivity and determine work overload.

S. Filatova says: “With Yaware we were able to:

  • identify the most productive and unproductive employees;
  • determine the optimum load on the employee;
  • optimize employees` work by proper load distribution.

Customizations and Implementation from the Knowledgeable Web Developers

When Budpostach chose Yaware, there were a few features they needed to add that were specific to their organization’s needs. Yaware provides the flexibility of tailoring its solution to its customers’ needs. So, when Budpostach informed, that they need summarizing reports Yaware web developers made some customizations and created reports that covered specific organization’s needs.

Modern solution for conscientious employees

Many managers are afraid of implementing time tracking. What if the employees will go against it? But as the practice proves, these fears are unfounded. S. Filatova speaks about the reaction of employees to time tracking software at her company: “With Yaware we are monitoring employees of all the departments, who work with computers. There was no problems with the implementation of the system – the staff took it well.

Time and Attendance Software from Yaware Implemented at MagneticOne

MagneticOne is an innovative software development company that has been on the market since 2001. Starting out with numerous solutions for eCommerce with the goal to help online merchants streamline the processes and automate routine tasks, it is now known all over the Web for a number of its online services like Cart2Cart, Cms2Cms, API2Cart, Data2CRM etc. Living its motto “Innovations. Always”, the company is striving to be always a step ahead with technologies used and solutions developed.…


The Challenge

Anatoliy Denys, Commercial Director at MagneticOne says, “Back in 2011, our company experienced a huge leap forward and the number of employees was growing fast, so is was getting harder to control their efficiency and work time usage. We searched for a reliable time tracking software both for monitoring on the manager’s side and staff self-control. Yaware was the only service that met our demands, so now our employees don’t imagine their work life without it (some of them even use it at home to monitor computer usage)”.

Results of Time and Attendance Software from Yaware implementation at MagneticOne

Productivity increase

“Thanks to Yaware, we managed to improve work productivity in the company. Surprisingly, it happened mostly without interference. I owe it to the fact that employees became more disciplined and gave more importance to performing their tasks knowing their activity is being recorded”, – says Anatoliy Denys.

With time and attendance software from Yaware, MagneticOne introduced flexible schedule, which is another factor helping improve employee productivity. This is what Anatoliy Denys says, “Members of technical support department, who communicate with clients directly, work fixed hours. But all the rest staff members can select the work hours when their mental activity is at its peak, and take short breaks whenever needed. Yaware helps keep track of each minute worked, and ensure proper compensation. I see it as the perfect way to foster productivity”.

Streamlining HR processes

The company is expanding, and there is an almost constant flow of new team members. Yaware.TimeManager helps better evaluate each person on probation period, shortening it for the brightest candidates. It also helped them avoid losing time with potential employees who weren’t quite right for the company standards.

Simplifying managerial processes

Dmytro Lazarchuk, Head of Marketing Department at MagneticOne, shares his opinion on Yaware, ‘With Yaware, it is much easier for me to see who in my department has his hands full and who is working at leisure. It helps with planning and setting deadlines which are reachable, but at the same time require everybody to keep in a good shape”.

MagneticOne representatives claim that the convenience of the system is within its being automated and reliable in keeping the data. They spend a few minutes a day for checking stats company wise, but in case of any necessity all the detailed info is at hand. ‘Actually, no one is digging into the stats unless questions arise towards the specific employee, but when it happens, answers are within a few mouse clicks reach’, says Anatoliy Denys.

Step Used Time Tracking Software for Better Project Management

IT Academy “Step” – is a large training center that specializes in professional computer education. It is the biggest Microsoft, Cisco and Autodesk authorized learning center.

The training center focuses on a practical approach to learning. The knowledge that students get there are reinforced by practical exercises.

The training program at Step Computer Academy is based on unique proprietary methods that meet the highest requirements imposed by modern IT-companies to young professionals. As a result, the graduates of the academy now work at the world’s largest IT companies.…

Step Computer Academy was named the best among Europe’s Cisco training centers and was ranked best in CIS for Autodesk Maya professionals training.

Step Academy

The Challenge

Dmitry Korchevskiy, CEO of IT Academy “Step”, explains, what prompted him to implement a time tracker: “In order to analyze the efficiency of the business, it is very important to know what employees do during working hours. That’s why I decided to implement Yaware.TimeManager, which allows to have remote control of theemployees who work at the computer. ”For Step, success is in delivering on-time, on-budget results-oriented training to skill best IT specialists. Delivering projects on budget and on time is challenging in any environment, especially without the right management tools in place. That’s why the academy tries to hire and keep only professionals who can provide great results. But how do you measure employee productivity?

Yaware.TimeManager to Evaluate Employees Productivity

Yaware.TimeManager allows not only to monitor online and offline activities, but also automatically categorizes used applications and visited websites into three groups: productive, neutral and unproductive. This feature helps to evaluate the effectiveness and productivity of employees. “After implementing our time tracking software, we saw the actual work performance and understood which team members are the most productive and which do not comply with the requirements of our business. – says D. Korchevskiy, “So we adopted measures required to help employees comply with the company standards.”

Correcting the Project Direction at the Early Stages

Project management and client billing requires tracking time and billing information. However, these processes require a lot of paper work and are time consuming without a proper time tracker. Filling in the data manually can cause more mistakes than an automated process. Incorrect data or the lack of it can lead to improper project management and wrong strategic decisions. Thanks to Yaware.TimeManager “Step” resolved company issues connected with project management. D. Korchevskiy says: “With the help of obtained data, I can find out if the project ‘goes the wrong way’ in early stages and can adjust the work in a timely manner. “

The process of implementing time tracking software

Because the academy provides professional computer education, it is difficult to surprise the employees with new software. And it is even possible that employees could have already heard about it before installation at Step Computer Academy. “The implementation went rather smoothly. There was no negative reaction as well as enthusiasm”, – underlines D. Korchevskiy.

Interview: Time Tracking Software to Combine Work And Travelling

Traveller, blogger, entrepreneur, OpenMind project owner and simply a great guy Orest Zub, specially in interview for Yaware tells about:

  • what the travel gives him;
  • how he manages to combine work and constant traveling;
  • how he finds time for everything;
  • which countries he is going to visit in the nearest future.


How can you describe your life before and after changing your lifestyle: at the office and during the travels?

Before – I had a feeling of personal unfulfillment, uncertainty and stress.

After – the feeling of freedom and personal fulfillment. I do what I love and what brings benefits not only to me, but to others as well. Besides, my new lifestyle makes me happy, the state everyone wants to feel. And, of course, money, what is also important nowadays.

Do you work alone or with a team? If with a team, how big is it?

I was started individually and during the whole year I was working alone. During this time, my income grew to the point that my girlfriend quit her job and started helping me. Later I hired a technical assistant, who was also interacting with clients.

However, from time to time the number of employees increases. For example, we hire freelancers to meet the deadlines when launching large-scale projects.

There are three employees, who work permanently for OpenMind and its projects.

What tools do you use at work?

I am a minimalist and try to simplify everything. That is why I use a few services for teamwork: Yaware.TimeManager, Megaplan, Skype, GoogleDocs, Dropbox, email, webinar rooms and WhatsApp on mobile phone.

I am not trying to use all the possible tools, which can increase the productivity. They can take too much time only by understanding how everything works.

Is 24 hour day enough to fulfill all plans? What do you do to fulfill all your plans on time?

No, 24 hours is not enough to fulfill all the plans I have in my head. Although I try to most effectively treat the implementation of those things for which I undertake. And as you can see from my activity, at some point it comes off.

I am also using time management to manage intended tasks punctually and increase the chances for successful accomplishment of my ideas.

Time management is separate scope of work, that I am busy with for a long period of time, thanks to which I quit the job I didn’t like and started my own business.

You are using Yaware.TimeManager. What have you discovered for yourself after implementing time tracking software? Have you changed your online works and habits?

Once I was reading Tim Ferriss, and he recommended RescueTime to increase the productivity. I’ve tested the trial version. At first, the productivity increased slightly, but then it fell into habit and went off.

Later, I met Yaware.TimeManager representatives on IT forum. I liked the team and the software. Even though it is a paid service, I decided to try it.

With Yaware.TimeManager I started to treat my work more consciously. The service allows to clearly, and most importantly – fairly to yourself, see how much time I actually work, and how much time I waste.

I started to use Yaware.TimeManager time tracking software the following way: I imagined, that when Yaware.TimeManager-client is on and time is tracked – I am in the office, even it is virtual. I concern myself only with work related tasks. I am consciously working and carry out business matters.

In case I want to surf the Internet, make a cup of tea or take a break, I simply stop the monitoring of Yaware.TimeManager-client and from this moment the time is not tracked.

Yaware.TimeManager is a useful tool. And $9,99 CAD per month for one employee is a miserable investment comparing to how much time it saves and how productivity increases. You can even earn more money during the period, when the person is consciously working.

How does time tracking software help the teamwork?

Implementing Yaware.TimeManager, you should emphasize not control, but the fact, that service allows to increase efficiency of teamwork and each employee individually.

That is why when I was installing Yaware.TimeManager on employees’ computers, I was telling: “Use it, it will increase your work efficiency. I am installing the service not for controlling you. It is to make you contribute time to business matters, and not to something else.” Exactly such an explanation motivates to work properly.

I do not force employees to work 8 hours a day. Most of them work 3-4 hours. I also work approximately the same amount of time. But when we work, we contribute all our time to work. And Yaware.TimeManager is an additional tool, that engages to work.

With Yaware.TimeManager I can notice, that efficiency increases, and the profit of OpenMind reached the highest numbers ever.

What do the social networks mean to you and would you be able to abandon them in order to save time?

I do not want, and will not abandon social networks, because the large part of my business depends on them. I do many things in social networks: publications, Instagram. We have our group of clients on Facebook.

On the other hand, you need to use social networks efficiently. 1 hour is probably too much for them. But if you enter 3 times each for 10 minutes, it will not have a bad impact on your work.

Apart from Yaware.TimeManager I also use Website Blocker – the app, which blocks access to particular websites. In my case, these are news portals, social networks and email. I can use them at a set time only. So, I can check my email during one hour in the morning from 10 a.m. till 11 a.m. and in the afternoon from 4 p.m. till 5 p.m.

Therefore I consciously plan my day and spend more time on tasks, which allow to develop my business, and just support it.

What country would you like to visit the most?

There is no country I would like to visit the most. I consider visiting all countries. And not just visit, but live there for some time, learn something new, and have some fun. It is interesting for me to get a new experience, and even more important is to get the experience, which is completely different from the one, I’ve had before.

I will only say, that I’m not going to Portugal in the nearest future, because recently I have visited Spain. But it would be a great pleasure to go to Southern Africa or Kenya, because I’ve never been there before.

We already have an outlined plan for the future: Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. I hope we’re gonna make it.

We are grateful to Orest for the interview and wish him successful materialization of his ideas in new, interesting countries!

Ecosoft Fosters Accuracy Using Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Ecosoft international companies group specializes in scientific activity, development, production and sale of all types of water purification. Ecosoft is part of five unique companies, that are deeply competent in industrial, commercial and household water treatment. Their experts report at international conferences, cooperate with The Water Quality Associations, The International Water Association, Stockholm Junior Water Prize and other international scientific institutes and participate in ecological projects. There are 250 industry professionals in the Ecosoft team.…


The world famous invention of the company is the technology of complex water purification on the basis of the filtering material Ecomix®. Other innovative products developed by scientists of the Ecosoft research center are protected by 17 patents.

Ecosoft offers complex turnkey solutions for all industries, medical laboratories, restaurants and hotels, public institutions and private houses. The company has systems of ultrafiltration, reversed osmose, flowing filters, jugs, fountainlets and automatic machines for water pouring available.

Issue with Attendance and Internet Use at Work

Many companies that have remote offices are facing the same issue: How can you know if employees are working as much as they should, and how can you help them do their to the best of their ability? The head of the retail department Dmitriy Kupreyev said: “Ecosoft owns Dr.VODA retail chains. The stores are located in remote places and we do not have enough resources to conduct an efficient control. So it was difficult to monitor employees. We needed an employee attendance tracking system, as well as a tool for employee computer monitoring.”

Requirements for the new solution also included an intuitive interface and robust, flexible reporting feature to enable measurement of all aspects of work activities. D. Kupreyev also adds: “We were looking for a way to control remote retail stores and rationality of computer use”.

A User-Friendly and Low Cost Solution

Ecosoft was looking for software that would be simple to use and easy to access.
Yaware.TimeManager met those requirements as it is not only has an intuitive interface, but also provides its users with an opportunity to view reports from anywhere using any device. “We have chosen Yaware.TimeManager as it supported our needs. In addition, the employee attendance tracking software is simple and has a low cost for such a wide range of features,” – says D. Kupreyev.

Saving Valuable Time and Fostering Accuracy

Since implementing Yaware.TimeManager, Ecosoft uses the solution’s flexible reporting features to measure all aspects of time, employee attendance and internet usage. D. Kupreyev admits: “We have started to spend less time on personal control (done by network administrators). Now we devote more time to strategic decisions, as Yaware.TimeManager is accomplishing part of those tasks for us.”

Ecosoft has also seen greater data accuracy as a result of eliminating manual entry and associated human error. After implementing Yaware.TimeManager, the company got an opportunity to control employees at remote stores and correct their actions if needed. “Thanks to Yaware.TimeManager, we managed to define distinctions with corporate rules and eliminate them,” – tells D. Kupreyev.

Efficient Motivation for Implementing Time Tracking

Ecosoft purchased over 100 licences of Yaware.TimeManager to be used in retail stores. D. Kupreyev explains how he managed to deploy the tool successfully: “When we started to implement, there was some negative feedback. That is why we had a range of meetings to explain the benefits of time tracking for both managers and employees. I as a manager, had implemented Yaware.TimeManager on my computer first.I wanted to show the team how it works by personal example. It allowed to eliminate all negative feelings and tension.”

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