Time tracking software

Find out how your business can benefit from Yaware time tracking software

Automatic time tracking

Have your work time measured automatically. Yaware.TimeManager starts tracking right when the employee computer is turned on, providing you and your team with a clear picture of the whole working day, including the resources used and productivity rate.

Productivity analysis

Yaware.TimeManager has a database with more than 15,000 websites and software which come automatically categorized into three groups based on the productivity status. What is more, it is not only you who can analyze how productive your team are. Each team member can evaluate their own productivity, too, and strive for higher efficiency.

Exhaustive reports

All collected data is reflected in easy to understand reports presented as charts and diagrams, covering all angles of all the staff work in general and providing in-depth details of each employee work time usage in particular. With these reports, you can instantly spot areas that require special attention and take measures promptly.

Flexible configuration

Since your team members/departments job duties vary, Yaware time tracking software lets personalize monitoring settings for individual employees or departments. You can set default work schedule (fixed hours or flexitime), change productivity status of software and web resources in accordance to job specifics; activate/deactivate offline activity tracking and screenshots and snapshots taking options etc.

Advantages of using time tracking software for your business

  • Save costs by reducing the amount of unproductive time at work
  • Evaluate and boost overall work efficiency
  • Save time by automatically monitoring employee attendance, overtime and flexitime.
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Keep your staff engaged and motivated

With informative reports from Yaware, spot over- and underloaded employees to distribute duties more evenly, for reducing overtimes and preventing burnouts. Ensure fair rewards with precise time tracker statistics to increase motivation, stimulate deeper engagement and productivity growth.

Manage remote employees effectively

With Yaware time tracking software, managing remote staff is as simple as if you were there in person. Keep your thumb on the pulse of your remote team’s progress with real time stats, ensure they stay focused on their work and make them feel a part of a big team.
Personal advantages of using time tracking software
Improved time management skills
Enhanced productivity
Possibility to work flexible hours

How can you benefit from time tracking software?

For you:

  • Better time management skills.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Flexible working schedule.
Time tracking software

Eliminate distractions

Detect distracting factors that keep you from meeting deadlines on time. Discover tools that use up your time rather than help save it. Learn how much time you really spend on the phone or for coffee breaks. With objective Yaware data, you get a chance to manage more during your work hours and boost your efficiency.

Improve your time management skills

Analyze your personal statistics to see which activities take the bigger part of your day. Experiment with different times for the same tasks and see how it reflects on your productivity. Stay organized, keep your work time under control and forget about having to work late hours.

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