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Evident attendance improvement in your office with Yaware

Precise work time tracking

Know exactly when your staff start and end their work thanks to Yaware. It starts automatically as soon as the computer is switched on. No manual clocking in/out, no cheating – only true data in real time.

Promoting punctuality

Yaware takes attendance control off your managers’ shoulders and records precisely when everyone arrived and left the office. Fight tardiness and early outs, improve attendance and motivate staff to stick to the company policies. Let the team take over their work time organization with objective monitoring and flexibility with Yaware time and attendance software for ultimate productivity.

Live data on absence/presence

Gain insight into the actual time spent by your employees at their workplace with real-time data from Yaware time and attendance software. Stimulate staff to stick to the work schedule. Spur responsibility by demonstrating how your team’s productivity values influence their goal achievement.

Manage work-related/scheduled absences from the workplace

Learn how much time your employees spend for business meetings and how long their coffee and lunch breaks last. Analyze the data to create a more effective schedule, taking into account efficiency fluctuations throughout the day. Test various schedules to discover the one that lets staff use their potential to the full.

Comprehensive reports at hand

Attendance reports created by Yaware time and attendance software provide an all-round view of the whole company work day: total hours worked, productive/unproductive/neutral time ratio calculated company/department wise and specifically for each employee. The following reports will provide even more information on attendance:
  • “By time” report
  • “Latecomers” report
  • “Left Before Time” report
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Managing overtime and overload

Prevent overload to foster productivity and agility in your team on a constant basis. With reports created by Yaware time and attendance software you will find out who among your staff works late hours to learn the reason and react promptly. Set achievable deadlines to let your workforce stay productive and inspired and help balance their daily agendas for better results in the long run.

Screen captures and webcam snapshots

Yaware time and attendance software lets you monitor what’s going on in the office and see how your staff perform their duties at each particular time thanks to the screenshots and webcam shots taken by the app. The feature is optional and the time lapse between shots if configurable starting from the 3 minute value.

Flexible categorization for your convenience

Yaware time and attendance software assigns the resources used by staff at the workplace to the following categories: productive, unproductive and neutral. It comes with 15,000+ apps and websites in the database already classified to save your time. However, recognizing that job duties and schedules are very versatile, we at Yaware have ensured maximum flexibility of configuring the resources productivity category as needed.
Time tracking app

Software and websites use monitoring

Gain insight into how much time various applications and web resources take and compare to the value they deliver. Probably it is time to change the procedures or replace tools to boost productivity.

Check all data in laconic reports

Analyze regularly updated, inclusive reports to track the dynamics of productivity. Choose the most convenient way to view them – online, mobile or email. Specify the frequency of reports (daily, weekly or monthly) to make the monitoring process even more effective.

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