Time management software

Learn why time management software from Yaware is a great choice for your business

Save your time - save your funds

Yaware time management software records data on productivity totally automatedly. There’s no manual data input, which is beneficial for reducing time and money expenditures. You get real-time data on attendance and your team daily activities at hand and can react at once to improve the situation when needed.

Better focus and less stress

Yaware time management software monitors Internet and software use and objectively determines chief distractions and resources that eat up too much time. Using its data, you can help your team remain concentrated on their duties throughout the day and complete their tasks on time, which will reflect on their job satisfaction and achievements.

Create efficient schedule

Evaluate how much time your staff spend away from the workplace and how it affects their work efficiency. Discover existing productivity patterns and adjust the schedule to help employees shorten “slow” periods. Introduce flexitime to let employees work when they are at their peak performance for better results.

Proactive management works best

Stay updated on how your team handle their routine duties. Timely notice and prevent overwork and burnout based on the data collected by Yaware.TimeManager. Analyze total worked hours, overtime and time off to detect overloaded employees and those who could handle more work. Redistribute duties and readjust schedules and agendas to help your team remain healthy and motivated.

Work time conveniently categorized

Thanks to a database with 15,000+ web and software resources, Yaware.TimeManager automatically classifies the time spent for each tool/website as:
  • Productive
  • Unproductive
  • Neutral
This lets you easily estimate how productive employee/team and define most- and least efficient staff members. You can add resources, create new groups and edit existing ones as needed.
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Adjustable settings

Personalize the app settings for specific employees or departments. You can set different default work hours or work day duration to adjust to each employee’s work schedule and activities. You can also change productivity properties of the same resource for different employees/teams according to their job responsibilities.

Screenshots and webcam shots

Capture screens and/or take webcam snapshots of your employees at the previously set intervals. Perfect to control remote offices, contractors or office staff when you are away. A great way to solve disputable matters and spot untrustworthy employees.

Delegate responsibility

Yaware.TimeManager provides the opportunity to make it to your company’s organizational structure. Create staff groups coinciding with departments/teams in reality.  Assign group managers, who will be by granted access to individual statistics of the subordinates and responsible for their teams’ productivity.


How can you foster trust among employees?

Provide your employees access to their personal statistics to show that their time monitoring is fair and objective. Improve motivation by acknowledging their outstanding results and achievements recorded by YawareTimeTracker. Entrust them with certain freedom in organizing their work and setting priorities to act as an extra incentive for new accomplishments.

Time management software

Quick and effortless report analysis

Yaware.TimeManager organizes the collected productivity data into comprehensive visual graphs and diagrams. Designed to save your time they present the key metrics on attendance, productivity and total time worked, saving hours as compared to checking this data manually.

Stay updated anywhere

No matter how often you are absent from the office – Yaware helps you be keep your thumb on the pulse of your company at all times. View the real-time data by logging in to your account on any Windows, Linux or Mac device, or receive daily, weekly and monthly reports to your email.

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