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Learn how tracking time with Yaware can increase your company productivity

Work time tracking has never been easier

Cut down spendings and save time with Yaware time tracking app. Get a сlear vision of all productivity data (total hours worked,, overtimes, attendance, overload etc.) in about 15 minutes after installation. No more drafting manual reports – Yaware employee monitoring software is launched along with the computer and collects data automatically.

Monitor different teams and departments

Yaware time tracking app allows creating employee groups according to your company structure. Reduce time spendings with group productivity reports rather than going through each team member’s individual stats (which is available as well).

Get an overview of software and website usage

Help your team improve work performance by making them aware of how much time exactly they spend for various apps and websites. Show your employees how accurate assessment of the resource usage with Yaware.TimeManager can help spot the tools taking up too much of their time and dragging down their productivity. Get outstanding results faster and stress-free.

Manage freelancers and remote offices more effectively

Keep yourself updated on the progress of your teleworkers and freelance employees. Improve interactions and reach agreements on work-related issues easier with the data collected by Yaware time tracking app. Give your remote staff a sense of being part of the big team and encourage productivity growth.

15,000+ software and websites already classified

To maximally simplify employee monitoring, Yaware time tracking app has grouped over 15,000 resources in its database according to their productivity. So, all the tools used by employees at work belong to three categories:
  • Productive (marked green)
  • Unproductive (marked red)
  • Neutral (marked grey)
Time and attendance software

Flexibility in configuration

Easily adjust the app default settings to best accommodate your monitoring needs, as schedules and responsibilities are different across the company.

Open and hidden monitoring modes

It is up to you which mode to use. Choose the open monitoring to let employees view their personal stats and increase productivity. Use the hidden mode for comparison. Shift between the modes with just a mouseclick.

How to enhance productivity using individual statistics?

Let your employees access their own stats. Give them a chance to examine their performance by themselves for better motivation and deeper commitment. Provide the team with practical recommendations on organizing their work effectively so that they remained energetic and grew more productive.
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Screen captures and webcam snapshots

See the real progress on each project in real time thanks to screenshots feature. Know what’s going on in the office even if you are away with webcam shots. All it takes is set up the time period between the shots starting from at least 3 minutes.

Analyze data via concise reports

Look through timely and comprehensive reports to get the overview of general productivity trend. You can choose to view them online on your computer and a smartphone or receive daily, weekly, monthly email reports – whichever works best for you.

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