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Discover how Yaware.TimeManager can influence work productivity for your business

Distraction-free mode

Yaware.TimeManager starts collecting data on employee time and performance as soons as his/her computer is switched on. The app needs no extra actions like pressing Start/Stop, which means it does not distract staff members from attending to their duties.

Exhaustive reports

With reports generated using the collected data, productivity tracker provides a detailed insight into all employees’ performance. The information on the productivity of individual staff members, the whole teams or even comparison of different teams/departments efficiency is right at your fingertips.

Remote offices productivity evaluation

Yaware.TimeManager is effective for monitoring remote teams’ time and productivity. It is not only the tool of motivation for excellence in their work, but also a means of helping personnel improve their time management skills and enhance personal efficiency.   

Productivity growth

A productivity tracker is provides an opportunity for both staff members and their supervisors to measure and consequently improve their performance. Seeing the exact numbers of the personal statistics can spur employees to boost their own productivity. At the same time, managers and supervisors can use the overall productivity data to enhance work efficiency company-wise.

Large database of categorised software and websites

The productivity tracker database includes over 15, 000 apps and websites, classified by the productivity status into three groups:
  • productive (work-related);
  • unproductive (non work-related);
  • neutral (used seldom or of doubtful relation to work).
It is simple to edit the statuses of the existing resources as well as adding new ones and creating new groups.
productivity tracker

Discovering specific productivity patterns

Do you possess the data on your employees’ least – and most productive times of the day? This information is necessary for making changes in the work schedule or procedure to get rid of productivity “leaps” and ensure the peak efficiency periods are used most effectively.

Personalized configuration possibilities

Yaware.TimeManager attempts to deliver top objectivity and accuracy in measuring performance of all employees. It enables you to configure resource productivity for a particular employee or a team/department. For instance, Facebook can be set as unproductive for developers, but productive for SMM or PR specialists.

Tracking time away from the workplace

In spite of being a computer software, Yaware.TimeManager still is capable of gathering data on what employees are occupied with when they are away from the computer. After a certain period of the computer being idle, the productivity app starts tracking the time offline. As soon as the employee returns to their computer, he/she is requested to indicate their occupation during the inactivity period: e.g. a phone call, business meeting, break etc. The request is optional and can be configured in the tracker settings.
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Offline activity analysis

Yaware.TimeManager provides an overview of the employees’ offline time. For instance, “By Employee” report includes a pie chart with the structure of the staff offline activities. In addition, the productivity tracker creates the employee rating based on the total time they spent away from the computer.

Visual data analysis

Yaware.TimeManager provides an opportunity of taking employee computers screenshots and webcam shots. Thanks to configurable frequency, and report generating capability, this feature aids to ensure that personnel aren’t distracted from their duties during the work hours.

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