Yaware Partnership Program

Ideal for corporation, Agencies, Human Resources Agencies, reputed IT consultant companies or just an individual looking to offer our service to their customers or contacts. We offer a generous revenue sharing opportunities. We will cater to your needs in a unique, professional and successful relationship.

A partnership program that's right for you

At Yaware we are dedicated to working with you and have 6 partnership programs to suit your individual needs. Partnership rewards range from 20% to 30% depending on how many customers you have.

If you are:

  • IT specialist, who advises or recommend software for your customers
  • Company engaged in the automation and improvement of business processes in any kind of business segments
  • Author of a blog(s) or thematic resource that introduces the achievements in the IT industry, new methods of doing business, uniting adherents of the newest technologies

If you are:

  • A developer of IT solutions, who wishes to integrate Yaware.TimeManager, we would be happy to help with your promotion and integration

How much can you earn?

We offer our partners (X%) off from all sales.
For more information about our partner compensation system

Partnership rewards

What kind of partner / co-operation that is right for you?

Individual partners

Recommend Yaware.TimeManager to friends, customers, business partners and generate a stable extra income with us. This form of partnership is ideal if you have contacts in the business environment, your work is related to the corporate network services, IT consultant. If you know about the needs of colleagues, clients, you will be able to recommend a high-quality solution to get it to thank and reward our partner. In order to become a partner, you need to register in affiliate program on the Yaware website. In your personal account you will find an affiliate link, you can request a coupon code with a discount up to 10% to further stimulate clients.

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Informational partners

Earn money by spreading information about Yaware.TimeManager. Be the review article or banner on your website / blog with the affiliate link and get the reward from all payments of customers who clicked on your link.

If you have a blog or website, the theme of which is associated with an increase in efficiency, human resources (HR), management, business development, you can get a steady passive income just by posting information on Yaware.TimeManager. Most effectively series of articles, article and a banner in a complex work. If you have active accounts in social nets – it is also excellent method to attract prospective clients. To become the Information partner, be just registered in the partner program. You will find banners and buttons of
various formats and the sizes in a personal account, will be able to choose an optimal variant. All banners, buttons already contain your referral link.

Begin to earn right now!

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Company partners

Your company is engaged in system integration, consulting, IT system services, selling software? Offer more to its customers! Yaware.TimeManager qualitatively complement the package or be an additional source of income. This type of partnership involves the active promotion of your employees Yaware.TimeManager customers – sales department, consultants, Call-center. We provide comprehensive
support for:

  • service opportunities presented Yaware.TimeManager your employees in webinar format;
  • advice on negotiating the purchase of Yaware.TimeManager;
  • Information materials for clients (presentations, newsletters texts).

The first stage of cooperation – Your registration in the affiliate program. After that, you bind our staff to discuss all the details and signing the contract.

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Regional partner

Regional partner sells Yaware.TimeManager geographically specific region – the area, the group areas. Advantages of regional partners – it is an opportunity to be the first in a new market, but also become the exclusive partner in achieving certain results.

Exclusive partner leads all sales in the region and receives highest award from Yaware.

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Marketing partner

We invite companies working in the field of b2b, to join efforts and opportunities to promote our products.

Joint promotion includes:

  • conduct cross-mailings
  • swap offers on websites and social networks.
  • conducting joint webinars

There are ideas? Let's discuss them as soon as possible.

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Technology partner

We will be glad to consider the offer of integration from the companies which are engaged in development and deployment of IT decisions for increase in business performance.

If your mission is conformable with ours — "To create the best software and to provide the best client service for increase in overall performance of the companies of any size.", – we will always find a general subject for development and promotion. Send the ideas, you share practices – we surely will consider them and we will create with you something unusual, new, useful which will be
interesting to the world.

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Benefits of Yaware.TimeManager affiliate program

We are always ready to advise, jointly choose the best method of extending cooperation, favorable financial scheme.

Supporting partners include training managers, webinars sales partner.

Always ready to consider proposals from partners that will increase the number of customers of Yaware.TimeManager


Looking to sell Yaware Solutions to your customers? We offer a generous commission on every sale.

Gain access to marketing materials and custom links immediately to start selling. We are here to help whenever you need us.

Program Details:

  • Monthly payouts, $100 min
  • Timely Direct PayPal Payment
  • Access to Marketing materials

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