How to measure employee productivity

Learn how Yaware.TimeManager excels in stimulating employee productivity increase

Quiet time and productivity tracking

Yaware.TimeManager tracks time and measures employee productivity in the background, causing no distraction. There are no Start/Stop buttons to push at the beginning and end of the work day or specific activity. The software is switched on and off along with the computer and monitors all activity automatically.

Productivity boost via detailed reports

Comprehensive yet informative reports generated by Yaware.TimeManager provide a precise assessment of each employee productivity. With this data, it is possible to make well-grounded Using this information you can make the right arrangements to spur individual employee performance resulting in positive dynamics of the whole company.

Receiving productivity data from anywhere

Even if you are often away from the office, Yaware.TimeManager helps to stay informed about your staff productivity. All you need for this is a tablet or smartphone with Yaware mobile application installed or a computer with Internet connection to log in into your account. Daily/weekly/monthly email reports also serve the purpose of keeping you updated.

Employee participation in performance improvement

With Yaware.TimeManager, employees get a chance to influence the overall productivity within the company by boosting their personal efficiency. The software provides every employee with access to individual statistics and reports that present a deeper insight into their productivity fluctuations throughout the day and demonstrate what takes up most of the time.

Automatic productivity assessment

With Yaware.TimeManager, you get a clear picture of employee productivity at a glance, with no need to go into details unless necessary. This application estimates work efficiency based on the productivity of resources used. All websites and tools are categorized into:
  • productive (related to work);
  • unproductive (non-work related);
  • neutral (seldom used).
The software allows changing default productivity statuses and creating groups of tools.
How to measure employee productivity

Eliminating poor productivity periods

Analysing reports generated by Yaware.TimeManager, you can discover the typical productivity peaks and times when it is the lowest. With this data at hand, you will be able to take the right steps to minimize efficiency patches.

Internet and tools usage tracking

Apart from the performance, Yaware.TimeManager also records how much time employee spend for various websites and software. This provides understanding of which resources are helpful and which serve as distractions and should be avoided or replaced.

Monitoring the time spent offline

Yaware.TimeManager requires no employee input when he/she leaves the workplace.

It automatically starts tracking offline activity after a previously configured period of the computer being inactive. It can help define how much time on average employees spend away from the computers, what they are busy with during that time and how it influences overall productivity.

Sophisticated configuration possibilities

Thanks to its flexibility, Yaware.TimeManager monitoring settings can be adjusted for individual employees and departments. From changing default work hours to setting different productivity statuses to the same resources depending on an employee position – everything to evaluate productivity most objectively.

Measuring remote employees productivity

With Yaware.TimeManager, controlling offices or staff at a distance is no more difficult than managing your local staff. The app has the functionality for taking screenshots and webcam shots, so it is easy to check how diligently your overseas employees work and whether they are present at the workplace at any given moment.

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