How to increase employee productivity

Learn how powerful Yaware.TimeManager is for enhancing your staff performance

Evaluate productivity automatically

You seek simple ways of measuring work productivity and streamlining business processes within your company? Get employees’ productivity ratio calculated automatically using Yaware.TimeManager and motivate them to make the most of their time at work.

Remove distractions

Conduct an analysis to determine most time consuming tools and websites used by your employees. Do they help deal with daily tasks or just eat away the work hours? Yaware.TimeManager not only collects the necessary data, but also presents it in the form of detailed reports to save your time.

Make 100% focus on work attainable

Did you know that once distracted, it takes around 20 minutes to fully get back to the task worked on? Lift your employees’ spirits by helping manage their time effectively and meet deadlines. With Yaware, gain an insight into where time is wasted and which activities should be organized better so your team can move towards their goals at a faster pace.

Manage remote employees better

Create a sense of being part of the team for your remote staff and freelancers, by uniting them with common productivity stats. Stimulate diligent work by starting a healthy efficiency competition. Stay tuned with the remote employees’ progress and make work interactions even more straightforward.

Using an app to increase employee productivity

Yaware.TimeManager not only tracks software and Internet use, it also automatically categorizes them into three groups:

  • productive (work-related; marked green in reports)
  • unproductive (non-work related; marked red)
  • neutral (uncategorized, used seldom; marked grey)
Such feature lets estimate how productive the day was at a glance, and strive for higher efficiency.

Personalized productivity settings

Employ highly customizable settings to make the most of the data collected by Yaware.TimeManager. Set the productivity status of various web resources according to the job responsibilities of individual staff members or the whole teams. Get a clear picture of your company performance tailored to be maximally objective for each employee.

Help employees remain productive

Find out the times when your staff are typically at their top productivity and vice versa. With the discovered productivity patterns, you get the chance to adjust schedule(s), introduce flexible work hours, reorganize agendas in order to let employees work when their efficiency is at its highest.

Insightful reports

Increase employee productivity irrespective of their location and job position – Yaware.TimeManager presents comprehensive reports on web and resource use, as well as attendance, flextime, overtime and much more. To name just a few benefits of their use:
To name just a few benefits of their use:
  • spot and take action against most time-consuming distractions;
  • prevent productivity gaps throughout the day;
  • avoid overloads and strain;
  • meet deadlines promptly.

Real-time visuals

Assess the real state of things in the work of freelance and remote employees and see how diligent they are by viewing screenshots and webcam snapshots taken by Yaware.TimeManager at the preferred rate.

Access data anywhere

Yaware.TimeManager lets you check reports or see the real time stats anytime – on any computer, tablet or a mobile phone operating on Mac OS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. Simply login to your account and see the latest updates on how your employees are doing.

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