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  • Yaware.TimeManager – automatic time and productivity tracking software

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1. Sign up for a free 14-day trial

To try the service, create your account and start a free 14-day trial period. For this, complete a short registration form, providing your full name, email and phone number (so that we could assist you with installation or answer any questions if needed). Specify which version of the time tracker you will be using:
  • business — it includes tracking employee time and attendance, estimating workload, measuring productivity, monitoring remote employees etc.;
  • personal — used only for tracking your time spent working at the computer along with personal productivity evaluation.

2. Upon registration, add employees to your account

In order to start analyzing how your staff use their work time, you need to add them to your Yaware.TimeManager account via one of following ways.
  • download the software, and install it manually on each employee computer you want to collect data from;
  • send email invitations for employees to set up the client on their own;
  • install Yaware.TimeManager using local network.
The whole installation process is very intuitive and takes up to 15 minutes.

3. Create employee groups

Yaware.TimeManager is using group hierarchy to enable creating employee groups to correspond to teams/departments in your company structure. Moreover, you can assign group managers with different access levels to employee statistics to analyze and work on improving their subordinates’ productivity.

For instance, it is possible to:

  • provide access for CMO to his/her employees stats only;
  • provide an HR-manager with the overview of the statistics of all employees in the company.
This functionality allows you delegate responsibilities and let managers put their management skills into practice.

4. Configure monitoring settings

Thanks to the flexible application settings, you can set different monitoring scenarios: 24-hours or according to the company work hours. In addition, it is easy to edit the software and websites productivity statuses for individual employees or departments/teams depending on their job duties. There are optional features that can be activated as well:
  • offline activity tracking – collecting data on the time spent away from the workplace, including phone calls, meetings, breaks etc.
  • taking screenshots – useful for monitoring remote employees work or staying updated on the project progress.
  • webcam snapshots – helps to ensure proper discipline and diligence at the workplace/office.

Choose the way you want to receive the tracking data

You can view the reports in one of the following ways:

  • log in to your account from any computer;
  • receive email reports (daily/weekly/monthly);
  • download the application for iPhone or Android.

This way you will always stay updated about the performance of employees and company in general, no matter where you are.

You’re all set!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully finished the process Yaware.TimeManager installation and configuration. Now you can assess your staff performance, improve work morale and a lot more!

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