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Automatic work time monitoring

Yaware.TimeManager works in the background, starting from the moment an employee computer is switched on. It doesn’t distract staff members and collects data on all activity on the computer, excluding cheating or human error in providing accurate and objective information.

Total data security

Yaware tracks employee working hours automatically and delivers the data on powerful remote servers, where it is stored safely and available for authorized access. No human interaction is necessary.

Assessing productivity on the go

Even if you’re away from the office or on a business trip, you can easily stay updated on your employees’ progress. All data is available in your online account. So, you can view statistics from any Windows, Linux, MacOS device by simply logging into your Yaware account, or, alternatively, you can download a mobile app to use on an IOS or Android device.

Suitable for all business sizes

Yaware hours tracker enables you to monitor the work of all employees with no limits to their number. It adds up to the value by supporting a hierarchy of user groups, which can be build to correspond to your company structure. Setting different access levels helps delegate control and make sure employees can view only the data that is necessary for them.

Productivity evaluation and analysis

Yaware.TimeManager categorizes all webresources and applications used by employees throughout the day into three groups:
  • productive (work related);
  • unproductive (not related to work);
  • neutral (uncategorized or seldom used).
With this data, you not only know which tools/software/websites your team use, but also get a precise productivity ratio per employee, department and the whole company.  By examining reports during a certain period, you can discover productivity trends showing when employee efficiency is typically at its peak and vice versa. This helps take appropriate measures to avoid lengthy low productivity periods.
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Time off tracking

Learn exactly how much time your team members spend for meetings, phone calls, breaks, personal matters etc and let them access their individual statistics too. This data not only shows who is taking their job duties too lightly, but can also prompt certain changes in work schedule for employees to achieve a healthy balance of work and breaks for better concentration.

Managing flexitime and remote work

It is proven that the productivity of employees working from home is higher than in the office. You have the chance to check it out with Yaware hours tracker. It is a good solution for tracking the work of remote staff and freelancers. Yaware tracks each minute of productive work, as well as all non-work-related activities to ensure fair compensation and allow control.

Get detailed reports at your fingertips

Yaware.TimeManager generates reports using the collected information to provide you with an all-round overview of the company and staff performance. Check out a few of them:
  • “By time” report (shows working day duration, start and finish time, total hours worked by a team/company etc)
  • employee productivity rating (based on to the ration of the time spent for productive resources or activities)
  • by “Categories” (shows the most frequently utilized apps and websites along with their productivity status)
Hours Tracker

Highly adjustable settings

Yaware hours tracker can be configured to achieve utmost objectivity and accuracy in tracking work time. You can easily create individual settings for specific employees or departments concerning the productivity status of the tools and web resources used depending on their job responsibilities. It is possible to activate the hidden mode of monitoring, and offline activity tracking, allow or forbid access to personal stats etc.

Screenshots and snapshots option

Visuals are helpful to control the work of remote staff or to make sure everyone’s diligent and the office is safe when you’re away. You can set the desired time period between the shots startings from at least 3 minutes.

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