Employee time tracking

Find out how to boost productivity in your company with Yaware.TimeManager

Automated employee time tracking

Cut down your expenditures and grow efficiency. Once installed, Yaware tracks employee time automatedly, with no attendance on your part required. View the reports or check the real time stats to be always up-to-date with your employees progress.

Explore productivity trends

Analyze the reports to notice regular productivity fluctuations at different times of the day and get use the data to achieve better performance. Benefit from introducing flexible schedule instead of fixed hours to let employees choose the most productive time for work.  With Yaware, employee time tracking will be accurate to the minute in both cases.

Track online and offline activities

Know exactly how much time your employees spend working with different software and websites. Examine stats for resources that eat up much time yet don’t increase productivity. Find out how often your staff are absent from their workplace and what they do at that time. With this data at hand, eliminate distractions, readjust schedule to ensure ultimate work/breaks balance for your team and witness instant productivity increase.

Monitor remote offices and freelancers

Stay informed on how your remote staff are getting on. Make them feel they are part of the team irrespective of the location. With Yaware client installed on their computers, you know exactly what they are working on at any given moment, get timely updates on on their progress and productivity.

Easy to get started

Thanks to its Intuitive and user friendly interface, Yaware requires virtually no special skills on your part to install and manage. The process of installation and configuration usually takes about 20 minutes. There are three variants of installation for your convenience:
  • Download Yaware and then install it manually on each employee computer
  • Email your team members download a link and have them install Yaware on their computers
  • Install it on multiple computers at once using a Network Setup utility.
Employee time tracking

Customizable settings

Flexible settings allow adjusting the software to your specific time tracking needs. It takes a few clicks to indicate default work schedule for attendance tracking, set up productivity statuses for resources used by particular employees or teams in accordance with their job responsibilities for adequate productivity evaluation, specify applicable types of offline activities etc.

Real-time visuals

Yaware has screenshots and webcam snapshots taking functionality. Convenient for resolving disputable situations and exercising control over staff paid on an hourly basis. You specify the period between screen/webcam shots and can view them processed in a report, with all details available in a mouse click.

15,000+ categorized resources

Yaware employee time tracking software comes with a large database containing over 15,000 popular tools, apps, software and websites which are grouped by spheres and fall into three categories of productivity. It’s a great solution for time-saving: as you can view the report on Internet and software use along with their productivity estimate. You can easily edit the default productivity status of each group/resource or add new ones.


What is the default productivity categorization of all resources?
Productive (marked green in charts) – apps and sites relevant to work Unproductive (marked red) – distracting, non-work related resources Neutral (marked grey) – uncategorized or seldom used resources Thanks to colour distinctions, you can evaluate the productivity at a glance, without looking at figures.
Employee time tracking 2

All productivity data at hand

With employee stats updated every 15 minutes, accurate and relevant productivity info is always at your fingertips. It takes just a few minutes a day to analyze the reports and get the vision of how efficient your company is in general and each staff member in particular, who is the most- and least productive, what is the total time worked etc.

Easy access from anywhere

All data collected by Yaware is accessible via the Internet, so you only need decent connection to log in to your account to check out the stats from any Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iOS device. You can also opt for daily/weekly/monthly email reports for further convenience.

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