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Our experienced management team


Ruslan Savchyshyn

Co-founder and CEO

As MagneticOne founder, Ruslan outlines the overall direction of the company, and, being the leading product architect, actively participates in products design and development.
A self-trained programmer, Ruslan was ten years old when he started working with IT technologies. Before founding his own company, Ruslan had worked with several US enterprises as their outsourcing partner for five years.

Oleg Cherevatyy

Co-founder and COO

Oleg joined MagneticOne in 2004 and since that time he has taken over decision making concerning all operations and supervision over the whole company’s everyday activities.
At the beginning of his career, Oleg was a front end web designer and content manager. Today, he is in charge of all MagneticOne websites design and content, and it is he who puts the seal of approval on the graphic user interface of the developed software.

Alex Gubilit

Canadian Office

Ever since I can remember, I am passionate about the human condition. As a young child, I have discovered a talent for business and throughout my childhood I strived to understand technology. The more I have acquired knowledge on complex issues of technologies, the more my ambition grew to learn and apply those concepts in the real world.

I have sharpened my career managing projects from different whelm, size and industries. I have had some versatile work experience using best and modern corporate standards. My passion has already lead me to be careful on details, my track record has proven to ensure projects delivery at the highest qualiaty and standard and always within budget.

We have our own way of doing things

Sustain your business principles

No matter what are your long term business goals – creating a state-of-the-art product, boosting customer satisfaction or gaining new clients, you will succeed only by continuously challenging your business methods and processes. This is where Yaware apps are most helpful.

Boost your productivity

Productivity means not just doing more during less time. It is about highly motivated and creative teams, strong morale, inspiration, continuous innovation, ambitious goals, impressive performance and higher profits and this is what Yaware applications aim to provide you with.

Save your resources

Yaware application are innovative pieces of software designed to automate tracking of the key business processes. Our primary goal is to economize your time and finances while helping to enhance your business productivity and competitiveness .

Turn knowledge into action

Our goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing so that it could become an indispensable part of your organization. Having information easily accessible will enable your team to put it into action and pursue their objectives faster.

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